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"gee, miss, you sure do love dogs, don’t you?"
4th prompt from here.

"gee, miss, you sure do love dogs, don’t you?"

4th prompt from here.

Hello! I made a video showcasing some stuff in GetAmped 2. Don’t mind the stupid song, it was either this or a smash mouth vs smash mouth vs smash mouth song because nobody in Skype could decide what to go with so we just went with stupid Twitter joke. I might do a skinning video soon too.

Anyway, I’m surprised tumblr hasn’t caught up to this game yet, since it satisfies people who are either creative, or collectors, or just competitive. You can be super casual with it too though. Moreover, the game is real easy to pick up and play. I know you guys really love dress-up games and stuff. Well, this is like dress-up game 2.0.

Download the game here!


GetAmped 2 is an MMO brawler by CyberStep (same people who did Onigiri and Cosmic Break). The game has a variety of game modes to choose from, as well as various editors you can use to customize your own stuff with. Unlike its predecessor, GetAmped 2 is more social-based in comparison. For example, you can make guilds for solely you and your palsies.

Skins : The game’s main selling point is the versatile customization one can utilize, specifically with the skin editor which allows you to practically make anything you want (as long as it’s worksafe). So, go ahead and make a buncha Karkats, or Pikachu, or those dudes from Free! or, some kinda big bara furry antler guy if you want to. You can also give skins faces for emotions/gestures. The sky’s the limit.

As for poly-editing, the editor is fairly simple to use even if you have no background knowledge of 3D modeling. Skins are basically used as player avatars ingame. You can also buy or sell skins on the “skin BB” at the ingame market area. Sometimes, people even commission each other for skins, how neat is that?

KDJ : The KDJ is a music-making program you can use in the game. The music you make can be played in your room, as a “Room BGM,” for others to hear. Like skins, you can make whatever you want and are free to share the music you make.The KDJ creates very midi-esque music. The music you make can also be used to change your own ingame BGM for areas. 

On that note, you can change the music for the game to whatever you want in the settings. The game mainly uses .OGG from what I remember, aside from the KDJ’s main format.

Rooms : Again, another aspect of the game that players can customize to their liking. There is no tile-limit, just an item limit, so you can place things wherever you feel like placing them. Different kinds of rooms can be obtained through the ingame gachapon, or by buying them thru the market. Your room is basicaly where you start off every time you launch the game. The room is equipped with a bulletin board where people can write comments to each other.

PvP : There are several different types of PvP matches. The main ones are the 2-8 player team/solo deathmatches and dogfights, with deathmatches being timed and dogfights having more emphasis on points. You can also duel other players one-on-one if desired. The maps you play on can affect how fights will go, with gimmicks or having open/closed areas. I honestly think the stages are pretty neat-looking.

There’s also the “Battle Royale” option that pits 20 players on opposite teams against each other, in a race to get 200 points first. This mode has a tendency to give out a lot of ingame money.

"Street Fight" is another 20 player all-out fight in a stage, with no limits of any kind. Unlike Battle Royale or other PvP modes, Street Fight is a free-for-all mode with no goal necessary. You can fight here as long as you want.

Missions : Players can choose to traverse dungeons, or just beat up the NPCs. Most missions are highly reliant on teamwork, and it’s close to impossible to beating progression-missions by oneself. In dungeons, players have a chance to collect “cores,” which can give you accessories (the weapons used ingame) if you break the core just right.

Most missions tend to play out differently depending on which mode you play on, such as timed/escort/stock missions.

Accessories : These are the player’s weapons (the “Weapons” in the game are sub-weapons, I have no idea why they call these accessories, but it’s probably because you can wear them around the hub world).

The ingame market has a lot of decent accessories to choose from, but if you’re feeling lucky, you can also try out “Lucky Draw” which is the ingame gachapon. There are usually rarer accessories in them. Either way, most of the time, the tides are more dependent on the player’s own skill, so it’s not something you should worry about, but it’s always cool to get new things.



  • customizable
  • lots of game modes
  • cute graphics
  • hang out w/ pals & do stupid stuff
  • beat up all the kiritos (seriously)


  • the GA2 community
  • mission difficulty (some of them are straight-up BS)

Realtalk though, the main con I can think of is the ingame community, which consists of rude teens, but it’s easy to get around this since you can just mute people. This is common for MMOs though. I highly suggest playing with friends, it makes everything way more enjoyable.

purple and gold.

purple and gold.

th12~13, my fav dudes.
i really like to draw contemporary outfits.

twitter stuff pt. 2

twitter stuff pt. 1

twitter stuff pt. 1

twitter stuff pt. 2


robbie, kuma, dk, and i have been messing around. 

it’s feels good to do this kinda stuff again.

just for fun! based on that AU thing from a few months ago. robbie’s been wanting to make a touhou fangame and the others and i have been wanting to get into RM again.

Any thoughts on the Forbidden scrollery insinuations that Suzu might become a youkai?


You should totally make a shinmyoumaru shirt or something :V

i just might!! 

or mite… cus shinmyoumaru is tiny like dust mites. heheh.