this was from a couple months ago but i haven’t been skinning as much cus i’m mad busy, man! some are new and some are retextured. nav helped w/ seiga, kosuzu, and sekibanki. he’s awesome. bonus round!

grandpa pls stop i wanna shower

back in my day, me and ichirini did the nasties like 5 times in one day. it was crazy……. anyway, please help me set up the inter nets for my face bookings and cat pictures. thank you….

when r u gonna upload the yananaz.... i know youre hiding it somewhere!!!!!!!!

"i’ll upload it…….. when……………. when………. uh……… when…….

shut up twister” -quoting what you said in call

ᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤRAISE YOUR BYAKSᕦ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ᕤ

that’s what byak’s parents did.


hey cap'n! what tablet do you use now? .3.

i got this now!

awwww yiss! Captainski spam on mah dashboard! And hi and hello, long term stalker, first time asker, and i don't have anything to ask, so i just keep up my stalking thing

hi, hello, yes!!! i usually answer asks before i post anything.

it’s cool, man, just… keep doin’ what you do… i think!

how much would you pay to see a huge 2hu dating sim but you have to date only koishi in the end

if i have to play as a faceless dude, i won’t do it, srry……

i wanna play as some kinda romantically-impaired byakuren who’s tryin’ to recruit koishi but koishi’s all “WANNA MAKE OUT” and byak’s like ” :’( wtf “

if it’s that, i would pay like 2 dollars.

I want to come to your livestream but i'm not cool enough :( (Seiga kissed a dude pass it on) (like three times) (as usual, I like your adorable art)

oh yeah i posted the link on here for a while then deleted cus i wasn’t streaming anymore :o !!! you’re free to party down there whenever i do stream, man! cus i’m super nerd, so i don’t think there’s a coolness requirement.

and yea wow segg has like mad cooties or something. quarantine…

(p.s. thanx… i appreciate it…!!)

Hey Captain do you play PoFV, Hisoutensoku, or Hopeless Masquerade?

PoFV: used to play this all the time back in HS w/ my friends :o

Hisoutensoku: ye! but only w/ my cousins and my lil bro. fun tho. same w/ SWR and IaMP.

Hopeless Masquerade: played thru it when it came out. played it w/ sax, ya.

wait w hat i'm not a dumb nerd don't pass it on

its ok he means the other nathan (who is very noob and smelly).