purple and gold.

purple and gold.

th12~13, my fav dudes.
i really like to draw contemporary outfits.

twitter stuff pt. 1

twitter stuff pt. 2

twitter stuff pt. 2

twitter stuff pt. 1


robbie, kuma, dk, and i have been messing around. 

it’s feels good to do this kinda stuff again.

just for fun! based on that AU thing from a few months ago. robbie’s been wanting to make a touhou fangame and the others and i have been wanting to get into RM again.

Any thoughts on the Forbidden scrollery insinuations that Suzu might become a youkai?


You should totally make a shinmyoumaru shirt or something :V

i just might!! 

or mite… cus shinmyoumaru is tiny like dust mites. heheh.

Cap I live for your Muraichi/IchiMura I dunno the two nerds' pairing. Please continue to post them because they make me grin like an idiot.

i think the standard (or most common) is muraichi for the two? huehue. and don’t worry, i think i will keep posting them until i’m a grandma…

Do you know about Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure?

yea, my friend nav really likes it.

Would it be a bother if I asked you and the rest of SAXMASTERZ for help with controlling RPGMaker to make a HS fangame like DD?

oh, you might wanna ask dk about that since he’s the one who did all the technical eventing. i’m sure he’d be happy to answer any questions (i think).