another art dump!

+captions for your soul.

Thank you for being super rad Cap'n

◑ - ◑ ) i’m just pep!!!!!

*peps affectionately*

*peps nervously then falls over to the side*

I just want you to know that if you ever put anything with Tiny Capn on redbubble I will buy that shit in a heartbeat.

◑ - ◑ ) tinyshirts coming soon when capns are not being lazy

I love your art! Give any thought to doing the con art alley circuit? I think you could clean up!

thank you!

but as for the alley thing, i’m not sure, i’m not too into cons…

caps were you at AX? I doubt I would have seen you anyway, crowd game 2stronk

◑ - ◑ ) no i was at work…

may i ask how you put accessories on your characters like (hats, goggles, headbands, ++stuff on the back of the head etcetc) in emofurii really cant find a tutorial anywhere for it ahhh sorry for the bother ;m;

oh, it’s just part of her hair (the back part, specifically) !!

and it’s ok, it’s no bother. can’t get anywhere unless we ask questions!

bruh you are so cool we used to speak i dont think you remember me but wHENS UR BIRTHDAY

my bday is november 10!!

it’s too far away, bruh…………

Can we use some of your older doodles as reaction images, too?

go ahead. do whatever you want, man!

DEAR CAP'N: Do you teach seminars on how to be rad, or is this something we can just sorta sit and observe?

i can’t teach people how to be rad cus i’m not even close to being rad!

i’m just a lil cap’n with a dream ( ◑ - ◑ )