yo can you talk a little more about the detention crew from your highschool au :U ?


ohh right, i had to look up who actually was in it cus i have the worst memory in the world.

also, i’m kinda bad at this, but here you go.

nue: well, in canon, she gets sealed a lot, so yea lol. but no, really, in terms of what she did, it’s probably like constantly pranking people too hard all the time, and mamzo’s all “good job but you keep getting caught smfh.” that and she probably attacks anyone who calls her weird names or something (yknow like in canon). so, detention due to bein’ a lil shit and also for her tendency to overreact to tiny things. she also prob celebrates 4/20 everyday w/ mamzo at the back of the school. mamzo also pops in from the window from time to time to visit her in d-tent. she always tries to brag to murasa—or to others, how she’s friends w/ murasa—while she’s in there, about how cool she is being in detention but murasa’s kinda just like “okay :)” aloof/indifferent about it. everyone else is kinda just “smh nue you lil tryhard childe…”

kyouko: there was probably like a school talent show thing and kyouko just decided “well it would be really baller if i established my coolness right off my first year and yelled at the top of my lungs and broke every window in the school,” so she does it and staff is all “ok now clean up this mess FOR THE ENTIRETY OF YOUR ENROLLMENT HERE also you have detention during that duration of time.” kyouko is kind of like “y’all don’t hold me down” kind of mentality so she prob does some other stupid crap too. byakuren tutors her while she’s in detention cus kyouko sucks eggs at math (so, one of the reasons she hangs around there too). sometimes, kyouko helps around the cafeteria along w/ mystia, and hands out mixtapes by putting them secretly onto people’s lunchtrays… underneath the pizzas.

ichirin: gets in fights a lot, like she just punches anyone who she sees as a challenge, like just straight up terrible self-control. unzan prob gets called in all the time but is all “SO DID ICHIRIN WIN?” when told about ichirin being in whatever fight that day. so, cus of that, ichirin never sees it as a bad thing. she doesn’t show any mercy even when people try to back down (kinda like when she fought futo in HM or w/e) since everything just flies over her head anyway. every time she gets home from detention and tells unzan about the fight that day, they both just share a mutual thumbs up while ichirin limps back to her room and tweets about how she beat up “some dumb thot in the quad.” sometimes, she sneaks in alcohol with shou too. she’s also byakuren’s classroom aide.

murasa: i was thinking like, either something really stupid like dumping a bunch of snickers bars into the pool, caddyshack-style, and freaking out everyone who had to use the pool next class—or something terrible like drowning animals in the pool (cus muras is a creep, bruh……). since she made most of her friends in detention, she intentionally does stuff throughout the day so she lands in detention, like be late 5 minutes to class then brag about how she was totally in detention yesterday, so her rep spreads (hey like in canon). she becomes totally obsessed with being seen as a badass so she just keeps doing it. everyone knows she just… like, chewed gum in class really loud or something to get in there that day though.

shou: not really there for any bad reason, maybe except occasionally bringing alcohol into the school. she just hangs around in detention because byakuren is also her coach, so she ends up making friends w/ the dudes there too. too bad byakuren is a shitty coach—and thus shou is also shitty at whatever sport she’s trying, but they just keep her in for PR reasons—so shou just hangs around w/ all the dudes there and they all just mingle and talk or play pokemon in the back of the room. sometimes she just goes there to nap cus it’s like whatever, man. naz usually comes in to visit shou, so shou can copy her homework or whatever, but doesn’t stick around too much, otherwise.

byakuren: thinks she’s some kind of saviour for bringing in all these bad kids and totally rehabilitating them, except she doesn’t really do anything. miko, teacher of the etiquette workshop, on the other side of the hallway sometimes makes fun of her for having a “pretty cool zoo right up in school,” and byakuren gets really offended and junk like “UM NO I AM SAVING THESE POOR LIL HOODRAT KIDS.” byakuren is incredibly unreliable and sometimes shows up late to unlock the door to the detention room. like woops i went to piss but i wasn’t expecting to piss that long haha. she just ends up excusing every bad thing they do though because either she’s too lazy to put up with it or she straight up just doesn’t care. sometimes she’ll be all “wanna talk about it?” and if they’re like “no,” she’s like “oh okay bye.”

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Cap I live for your Muraichi/IchiMura I dunno the two nerds' pairing. Please continue to post them because they make me grin like an idiot.

i think the standard (or most common) is muraichi for the two? huehue. and don’t worry, i think i will keep posting them until i’m a grandma…

Do you know about Koishi Komeiji's Heart Throbbing Adventure?

yea, my friend nav really likes it.

Would it be a bother if I asked you and the rest of SAXMASTERZ for help with controlling RPGMaker to make a HS fangame like DD?

oh, you might wanna ask dk about that since he’s the one who did all the technical eventing. i’m sure he’d be happy to answer any questions (i think).

do you still have a Youtube? I can never find it anymore :(

i have several, but they don’t really have vids in them anymore. i think i just post cat vids in one now.

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I love your art! Give any thought to doing the con art alley circuit? I think you could clean up!

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