DEAR CAP'N: Do you teach seminars on how to be rad, or is this something we can just sorta sit and observe?

i can’t teach people how to be rad cus i’m not even close to being rad!

i’m just a lil cap’n with a dream ( ◑ - ◑ )

testing out emofuri because i’ve had it on my comp but i never used it! took an hour to doodle a quick thing to test it out and get used to the program. i think it’s funny to use.



hello cap'n!! i was wondering, are we allowed to use your art as icons or headers on tumblr or other websites? i'd really like to use one of your gensokyo academy portraits.

yes, go ahead, it’s totally fine by me!

y’all don’t have to ask (‘>’)/

Hey cool dude, your art has rekindled my old love for the touhous and inspired me to make touhou art and comics again! You're awesome!

bruh……. we gotta celebrate………

did u know that in the fangame riverbed soul saver futo is playable (well, will be in future updates)

so very kawaii futo-chan……..

Ey, you're pretty cool so I doubt you care, but I figured I'd ask: are you alright with me using some of your art as avs and such for steam and the like? Also I'm going to throw so much money at you for those shirts you don't even know.

go for it, man. you don’t have to ask o>o !!

also ty for the support ya…

Do you, or anyone for that matter, already have one of the shirts that are available from your store? I'm curious about the quality of the shirt and the image on it. If you don't have one yet, could you post us a picture when or if you do get one?

the images were made to be slightly more saturated since printing them onto the shirt desats them a bit (because CMYK + the fabric). otherwise, they’re pretty nice quality and are super soft. my brother buys from RB regularly and his shirts and the hoodie he got are still in good condition.

OH! I would have that poster with the Reimu annotations!

i’ll try to get around it once i finish up this next batch of stuff (but i’ve been kinda busy this week, so, apologies…).

is there going to be an alternate version of the HS!AU poster with the little Reimu annotations

oh, if i put it up, i’d have to re-do it because the original file for the annotations were smaller than the one without. that should give me a chance to actually write it neater the second time around.