When are you gonna get a life?? XDDDDD

i don’t like nathan

he smells

a bunch of stuff! 
(w/ captions, of course)

man shou tho

my main man torahiko 

Capn please explain me why is Shawn Toratiger a big nerd

because she’s just doing her job, ma’am.

(she’s like super serious up front but then is a big goofball in private, apparently. what a huge nerd…)

So weird question, but outside of the UFO and TD characters, which other Touhous strike your fancy?

i’m about to nerd out here i go:

oh man i love the SA crew a lot, and i still do, especially satori. then, nitori by herself cus she’s the main reason i even got into the characters, and uh… i used to really like EoSD when i was starting out with touhou stuff. remilia and patchouli were my favourites back then. right now, i really like seija (well, i like all the other DDC dudes too huehue) so i’m super hype about the new game woooo! also, lil suzy/kosuzu/whatev!!! cus she’s… my spirit animal…¬†

i guess i just mostly like UFO and TD because it was like “whoa, continuity?!” also the colour combos in these games were awesome. but, gameplay-wise, th11 and th14 are my favourites so far (and i do like the dudes there, yes).

nathan is a dumb nerd pass it on

ya ik he is. he perpetrates like ALL THE TIME.

hey capn! your art is really nice/cool/rad and I'm not sure if you do tutorials but how do you get your lineart to be so smooth? thank you!

oh yeah! one secret: use a big canvas! the images i upload are usually 25% scaled from the original image.

that’s pretty much what i do cus i draw super sloppy haha.

Yo do you mind if I use your Desiredriven titles for a title comparison graph I'm working on?

go for it, man :-0

Yo cap'n, random advice time, if you ever need to pick a number between 1 n' 10, pick 7. It's most often used.

ooh, that is some pretty interesting advice…

Capn for PREZ 2016

i just wanna play my video games